Portfolio Category: COLD ROOMS

Where applicable and where there is sufficient ventilation, the room is fitted with an on-board air cooled refrigeration system capable of hold foodstuffs at the required temperature i.e. Chilled foods: +2 to +10C (Adjustable)…

Each cold room/freezer room is equipped with one (1) semi-rebated
hinged door complete with heavy duty hinges and lockable door handle, fitted with a luminous emergency entrapment release, which will override the locking…

Category: Stainless steel panels, Aluminium boards, Color steel plate, Poder coating steel plate, Specification: 60, 70, 100, 120, 150, 180mm
Standard Width of cold room plates: 960 mm…

Our cold rooms are designed for special applications and special temperature control. The user-friendly structure is a CFC-free refrigeration system, which facilitates efficient cooling, freezing of the chamber…

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