Ammonia Milk Chillers

Ammonia Milk Chillers

The DRYCOOL series have been realized to offer to the users all the advantages of a long lasting investment as well as the use of an environmental friendly fluid. The use of ammonia, will maximize the performance of the machines with an overall benefit on the running costs the users have to bear. Ammonia represents one of the possible ways to reduce the environmental impact of the cooling sector (GWP = 0 and ODP = 0).

The engineering of the DRYCOOL ammonia chillers has been particularly detailed, to offer to the customers the widest possibility of choice. All the range is available in several set-up according to the single specifications of the project or customers’ needs.

  • Product’s range includes machines with 1, 2, or 3 screw compressors in parallel.
  • It is possible to supply packaged chillers with low refrigerant charge (up to 75 kg, as for Italian rules).
  • Several and different configurations, which also include: PHE/S&T/S&P heat exchangers.
  • Direct Expansion (DX) units or Flooded (FL) system units.
  • The control is made by an electronic standard or by a PLC. The chillers can be supplied with or without electrical board.
  • The DRYCOOL series can be realized for out/indoor installations.

The DRYCOOL Chillers can be designed for both the cooling of the water as such, or the cooling – at negative temperatures – of brine solutions, whether they are based on glycols or salt solutions.
The units are made by a self supporting painted steel frame welded with pressbent metal sheet profiles. All the components of the steel frame are epoxy powder coated.

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