Cold Room Panels

Cold Room Panels

Category: Stainless steel panels, Aluminium boards, Color steel plate, Poder coating steel plate.
Specification: 60, 70, 100, 120, 150, 180mm.
Standard Width of cold room plates: 960mm, Length: 2000mm~1200mm.
We can meet all your special requirements for cold room.
Performance Data: Length ≤6 Meters.
Thermal conduction: 0.019Kal/m”C.
Ave. Density: 35-55kg/m3.
Pressive strength≥0.2MPa.
Max. Operation Temp.: 90”C.
Lowest operation Temp: -120”C.

  • Walk-in cold room and freezer rooms are constructed of prefabricated insulated panels to allow convenient and accurate field assembly and future enlargement by the addition of further panels. Panel sizes allows entry to proposed area without cutting or adjustment where possible.
  • Construction of wall, ceiling and floor panels are such to meet International Hygiene Food Hygiene Standards.
  • Panels are fire resistant Class 1.
  • The Refrigeration equipment are ‘ISO’ approved and appliance tested at point of construction or after installation.

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