Shell & Tube Type Condenser

Shell & Tube Type Condenser

Drycool with its exceptional thermal performance and fatigue resistance, the compact-sized DRYCOOL Shell & Tube heat exchanger opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Designed for use with liquids, gases and two-phase mixtures at pressures up to 100 bar (1450 psi), in both PED and ASME, and at temperatures up to 450°C (842°F), DRYCOOL Shell & Tube is suitable for a wide range of aggressive media.

The benefits of DRYCOOL Shell & Tube:
  • Robust design and minimized maintenance ensure maximum uptime
  • Superior thermal performance means maximum heat recovery using minimal heating and/or cooling media, which cuts fuel consumption, energy costs and environmental impact
  • Small footprint and light weight minimize installation, operating and maintenance costs
  • Gasket-free construction means high security against leakage
  • Easy to install and maintain due to multipass design
  • Compact solution with a small footprint
The features of DRYCOOL Shell & Tube:
  • Patented roller coaster plate pattern ensures exceptionally high thermal efficiency.
  • Unique cut-wing plates allow for multi-pass design.
  • Fully welded design allows for high operating pressure and optimizes resistance to fatigue.
  • Robust design and minimized maintenance ensure maximum uptime.
  • Distribution pipes run through the plate pack, relieving stress on the pack itself.

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